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Technical Support for Switchgear

Our teams are on standby 24/7 to provide technical support for your switchgear. Spares and complete retrofit solutions available.

Technical Support for Switchgear

Breakdowns happen. We are geared to support you when they do

Our teams are on standby 24/7. Our large stock holding of switchgear spares and complete low-voltage and medium-voltage retrofit solutions mean rapid replacement with minimum downtime. We also stock loan and service exchange units that can be quickly delivered and installed. Our work comes with a one-year warranty.

Service Centres

With five branches in strategic locations across South Africa – and a dedicated branch servicing our customers across continental Africa – we are equipped to cater to all our customers’ switchgear requirements.

OEM approved

We have a close working relationship with our suppliers and have letters of approval to work on their equipment. We have been appointed as their official service agents for some of our suppliers.

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Technical Support for Switchgear

Our database. Your peace of mind

Our database, called Connex, contains over 30 000 records. All the equipment used in servicing, retrofitting or auditing has been captured since the company was established in 1996.

We provide comprehensive test sheets for your records on the completion of servicing, installations and repairs. In case of breakdowns, we can quickly and accurately access the details of the equipment.

From gaining insights into the general condition of equipment to checking the availability of spares and analysing service trends, all the support and information you need is right at our fingertips.

Maintenance plans

Looking after your switchgear. Now and into the future

A mutual understanding of performance standards is important for both parties. We look forward to signing an SLA with your company. Your needs may change over time. Remember to review your SLA periodically as it should always reflect your company’s evolving needs.

Site audits & technical advice

  • Site visit to capture all equipment details
  • Visual inspection of equipment for a general overview of its condition
  • All equipment is captured on our database
  • Submit reports, recommendations and quotations on findings
  • Substation audits
  • Technical advice and recommendations made by our service managers and support staff

Our detailed record-keeping enables us to:

  • Create a footprint for new equipment to reference for future services
  • Monitor any electrical and mechanical wear and tear
  • Assist with warranty claims as the proof is in the test results
  • Supply test sheets reflecting work and checks done with all relevant results
  • Supply test sheets in an indexed labelled file for maintenance, safety and insurance purposes
  • Quickly access equipment details, saving time. No need for a site visit to obtain specifications
  • Prepare and order equipment immediately

We work within suitable grading margins

Protection grading studies for a safer operation

If electrical equipment is incorrectly graded the consequences can range from nuisance tripping of circuit breakers to them not tripping at all. This can cause unsafe operating conditions and damage to equipment.

Suitable grading margins have to be achieved between all protection devices from the medium voltage system equipment to the low voltage distribution boards, taking into account the expected short circuit fault currents, the rated system currents and the minimum allowable grading margins between relays.

Our power system protection studies and upgrades ensure safer operating conditions and increased longevity of equipment.

Our Process

Protection grading process

Our protection grading process:

  • Review existing protection scheme
  • Develop system models for industrial units to monitor loads
  • Use fault studies to determine rated currents and short circuit fault currents
  • Calculate gradings for the system
  • Update settings where required or propose alternative protection settings

The recalculated settings ensure the system trips only when required, from overloads, short circuits conditions and earth faults. The settings will also ensure discrimination exists within the complete system, and importantly, no nuisance tripping.

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