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On-site Medium Voltage Retrofits​

Rebuilding the working components of the panel for old low voltage switchgear.

On-site MV Retrofits

Rebuilding the cradle, circuit breaker wiring compartment on site

 This option is used when existing panels require a more complete solution than just replacing the circuit breaker alone but are limited to complete panels replacements due to cost and down time.

An assessment is done on the existing panels and if the existing framework, panels and busbars are in good condition we can rebuild the working components of the panel.

This solution may include any of the following:

  • New extension for the front of the panel with arc flash proof doors and interlocks for operator safety
  • New cradle and circuit breaker with intercompartment arc containment barriers
  • New wiring compartment

All original components that are re-used are sandblasted and powder coated / plated to required spec.

The units then assembled, wired and prepared for site. The new equipment is then installed and commissioned during a typical 10 to 16 hour shutdown.

Asgen Panels
Asgen Panel Retrofit

Advantages of On-site MV Retrofits

  1. Individual panels can be done without affecting the panels next to them

  2. Cables are not disturbed

  3. Cost is less than a new panel