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High Voltage Retrofits – Up to 132KV

High Voltage Retrofits

Replacing an outdoor circuit breaker

Why consider replacing an outdoor circuit breaker

Older units that have been in service often become problematic and require continuous attention and due to their age spares of often expensive or not available at all

Typical problems encountered:

  • The SF6 pressure drops to alarm levels and requires topping up on a regular basis
  • Accumulators are leaking and the pump runs on a regular basis
  • Mechanism is worn and often fires through
  • Main contacts are worn / damaged

Change existing circuit breaker with new OEM unit

Unit is disconnected from the system and the circuit breaker and control box are removed from the structure. The structure is adapted for the new model circuit breaker which will be installed. The new breaker and control box are installed and commissioned. Installation is reconnected to the system and handed over.