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New Panels

New switchgear panels and installations

Supply, install and commission new panel arrangements for a wide range of switchgear

New Panels

New switchgear panels

Although retrofitting has its place there comes a time when a switchgear panel has served its purpose and need to be replaced.
There are four main reasons why:


Modern switchgear is safer to operate than old switchgear. The trend towards safety and user liability makes this an important consideration.


Networks are becoming increasingly automated and require technology far beyond the capability of older panels.


Scarce skills and exorbitant prices make it challenging to maintain an old panel.


Parts have a limited production life. As technology improves the older equipment spares become limited or obsolete and can be very expensive. This leaves a plant vulnerable when units in service fail.

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New switchgear panels and installations

AMJ Electrical Services supply, install and commission the following new panel arrangements:

  • Low voltage distribution panels
  • Medium voltage panels
  • Medium voltage RMUs (ring main units)
  • Medium voltage kiosks
  • High voltage circuit breakers
  • Surge arrestors
  • Changeover systems
  • Power factor

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