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Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) details the expectations and obligations of both the contracted parties. Working with AMJ Electrical Services has many benefits, but to get the most out of a business relationship an SLA should be put in place.

Protect your assets and reputation

Service Level Agreement Benefits

The SLA functions as a blueprint of the service that AMJ Electrical Services will provide and can protect your organisation’s assets and reputation. Below we’ve provided three reasons why your company should consider an SLA with us.

1. Sets clear and measurable guidelines

An SLA is key to ensure your company and AMJ Electrical Services agree on the requirements and expectations of both parties. Establishing clear and measurable guidelines is important as it reduces the chances of disappointment and provides the client with recourse if obligations aren’t met.

2. Provides recourse

If AMJ Electrical Services fails to meet its obligations, there can be significant consequences for your company’s reputation and bottom line. The SLA will include consequences if performance standards are not met. This protects your company and holds us accountable.

3 . Provides peace of mind

An SLA ensures a company’s plant will be well looked after, saving time and money.

Our service reps are ready to advise you on the best service plan for your facility.

Or let us help you with a service level agreement designed around your needs.

Maintenance plans

Service Level Agreements

A mutual understanding of performance standards is important for both parties. We look forward to signing an SLA with your company. Your needs may change over time. Remember to review your SLA periodically as it should always reflect your company’s evolving needs.

Our SLA covers services such as:

  • Connex equipment management database
  • Preventative maintenance, including:
    • Infrared Thermography
    • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Low voltage switchgear maintenance
  • Medium voltage switchgear maintenance
  • Protection relay maintenance
  • Current transformer maintenance
  • Routine transformer maintenance
  • General panel maintenance
  • Routine substation inspections
  • Battery backup unit maintenance
  • Retrofits solution offers
  • New panel offers
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