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Frey’s Food Brands

Frey’s famous meat products offer superior quality meat products, prepared in the classic German tradition. Frey’s are located at the previously owned CRAFCOR Cato Ridge abattoir.

Servicing on the medium voltage switchgear
at Frey's Food Brands.

AMJ Electrical services carried out routine servicing on the medium voltage switchgear. However, due to the age of the equipment, it has become unreliable and dangerous. This made it impossible to guarantee the operation. AMJ proposed an upgrade to Frey’s to systematically replace all the MV switchgear in all 6 substations between 2015 and 2019.

Project Details

The Brief

  • Eradicate unsafe operating environment due to old unreliable equipment
  • Eliminate downtime due to faulty equipment
  • Reduce excessive expenditure due to regular maintenance required
  • Create a compliant installation
Project overview

We helped the customer in 3 ways

  1. Provided the technical expertise to select the best switchgear and accessories at the right price for their specific environment and operating conditions
  2. Worked with the customer to budget and plan the replacements to allow for Capex required.
  3. Thorough planning resulted in the replacements being completed to specification without any major disruptions.
Project Details

The Work

AMJ Electrical Services replaced all the old obsolete medium voltage panels with new Schneider RM6 ring main units with FANOX protection, check metering and remote switching. The following substations were upgraded:

  • Gatehouse Substation – 6 panels
  • Refrigeration Substation – 6 panels
  • By-Products Substation – 4 panels
  • Process Substation – 4 panels
  • Offal Substation – 1 panel
  • Admin Substation – 4 panels

The Result

  1. Operator safety is now compliant:
    1. Equipment is current technology
    2. Electronic protection
    3. Remote switching via pendent
  2. Electrical supply is now reliable throughout the medium voltage system:
    1. Troublesome old redundant equipment all replaced with new equipment
    2. The new equipment uses the latest technology
    3. Less moving components
  3. Reduce downtime:
    1. Downtime due to faulty equipment eliminated
    2. Less maintenance required as oil is no longer the arc quenching medium
    3. Vacuum bottle technology and simpler operating mechanisms
    4. Established maintenance footprint for referencing to for future services
  4. Long-term cost savings
    1. Equipment is current technology
    2. Electronic protection
    3. Remote switching via pendent
  5. Compliant to all standards for safety and insurance purposes
  6. Peace of mind for Frey’s Food Brands
Snapshots from the project

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